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Organized into 'Outlook' sections, commentary includes:

  • Manufacturing Outlook that gives you a broad overview of the economy and manufacturing across industry sectors and continents.
  • The North America Outlook, written by Dr. Chris Kuehl, a noted economist with Armada Corporate Intelligence, and co-author of the executive briefing Flagship Reports.
  • The ISM Manufacturing Report on Business® presented by Tim Fiore, Committee Chair, who has spent many years working with the Institute for Supply Management analyzing each sector that makes up this astute, leading indicator report.
  • The Cyber Security Outlook, written by Ken Fanger, President of On Technology Partners, who calms the nerves of those battling hackers, software kidnappers, and other cyber invaders.
  • Guest articles from industry experts, executives, and thought leaders on topics meaningful to manufacturing, with concepts that can be put into action in your business operations.
  • Insightful articles in the Aerospace Outlook, Energy Outlook, Issues Outlook, Materials Outlook, and Automotive Outlook sections
  • The Asia Outlook, an in-depth discussion by Christine Casati, who has worked in and with China for more than 40 years, to clue you in on what America’s greatest economic adversary is doing.

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